Dan Phillips is an American guitarist, composer educator and band leader who has worked professionally in New York, Chicago, Bangkok and Tokyo. His Chicago based Trio has released three original recordings “Journey in Mind”, “Moment of Clarity” and “Destination Unknown”. His Bangkok Quartet has two releases “Bangkok Edge” and “Bangkok Edge Live” he also produced an educational/ concert DVD “Jazz Guitar Basics and Beyond”. He is also the leader of the “Chicago Edge Ensemble” which just released its first album “Decaying Orbit” featuring Chicago greats Hamid Drake, Jeb Bishop and Mars Williams. He has appeared at the Montreal Jazz Festival in Canada, Copenhagen Jazz Festival in Denmark, Ashikaga City Jazz Festival in Japan,Pattaya Music Festival, Bangkok Jazz Festival, Chiang Mai Jazz Festival and Hua Hin Jazz Festivals in Thailand, and All Souls Jazz and Empty Bottle Jazz Festivals in Chicago. Dan has also presented Jazz workshops throughout Asia, Europe and The U. S. He is currently Lecturer of Guitar and Jazz Studies at Silapakorn University in Bangkok, Thailand. He completed his undergraduate studies at Berklee College of Music where he was selected to represent the college at the Montreal Jazz Festival in his senior year in the “Berklee All Star” ensemble. He completed his graduate studies at Northwestern, University. Dan has performed with jazz musicians such as Gerald Wilson, Danilo Pérez, Judy Roberts, Hugo Rasmussen, Jeff Parker, John Stowell, Matt Darriau, JimBlack, Hamid Drake, Jeb Bishop, Mars Williams, Ben Street, Chris Speed, Pat Zimmerly, Mike Sarin and Ed Thigpen and many more.

For more info check out www.danphillipsmusic.com or https://www.facebook.com/danphillipsguitarist

What critics have said about Dan Phillips’ recorded work:

“New York City Jazz Records Honorable Mention for album of the year 2017” Chicago Edge Ensemble
“Avant Music News’ Best of 2017” Chicago Edge Ensemble
“Tom Hulls’ Best of 2017” Chicago Edge Ensemble
“Avant Music News” Best of 2017 Dan Phillips Quartet “Converging Tributaries”.

“Phillips in particular proves why he’s the most under-appreciated electric guitarist from the Chicago area. There’s no hesitation or sense of compromise on Decaying Orbit. As the band name implies, this is jazz and improvisational material which goes to the edge, stays there, and doesn’t retreat.”

Review of Chicago Edge Ensemble Decaying Orbit Audiophile Audition 2017

“With its palpable personality, rigorous but approachable compositions, and sure-footed sense of self, Chicago Edge Ensemble's Decaying Orbit not only pays homage to the city that Phillips loves, but also solidly places him on the map as a formidable instrumentalist and composer. It's a treat to hear him play with such a first rate band of some of Chicago - and the world's - greatest musicians.”

Review of Chicago Edge Ensemble Decaying Orbit Broadway World 2017

“Dan Phillips leads a Quintet with a big Chicago sound and memorable compositions.”

Review of Chicago Edge Ensemble Decaying Orbit The Wire Magazine 2017

“Decaying Orbit” – the song and the album fulfills the of its members and furthers the legacy of its worldly leader”

Review of Chicago Edge Ensemble Decaying Orbit Something Else Reviews 2017

“Chicago jazz is the complexity of the postmodern with a predisposition for rump shaking. The Quintet rarely lowers the flame below boiling.”

Review of Chicago Edge Ensemble Decaying Orbit allaboutjazz 2017

“The beauty of Decaying Orbit is its broad appeal. Fans of both traditional and more adventurous jazz will find much to like here. Indeed, the Chicago Edge Ensemble does manage to succeed in representing the city’s diverse musical roots, and in a highly enjoyable fashion to boot.”

Review of Chicago Edge Ensemble Decaying Orbit avantmusicnews 2017

“This is a fine album of interesting themes and powerful performances by the full ensemble and the soloists. Everyone draws deeply from the limitless well of the city’s musical history and creates a bold and thoughtful statement.”

Review of Chicago Edge Ensemble Decaying Orbit jazzandbluesbloagspot. 2017

“The Variety of moods, expressions, characters and playing techniques, masterful and organic synthesis of different musical language elements and expressive and extraordinaryimprovisong create innovative sound on this album” Review of Dan Phillips Trio “Divergent Flow”

Avantscena 2018

“With each release Phillips’ sound continues to mature and expand. What remains unchanged is his imaginative creativity and his restless inventiveness. These and his shared musical vision with his sidemen—accomplished artists in their own rights—are what make this recording an absorbing musical treat.”

Review of Dan Phillips Trio “Divergent Flow” Chicago Jazz Magazine 2018

“the improvised pieces are easily mistaken for thoroughly composed music. The sound is coherent, coordinated and is what we might dub Chicago organic.”

Allaboutjazz review of Converging Tributaries” 2017

“Much in that way a storm cloud has no definite borders or concrete shape, yet possesses a presence that implies depth (and more), the quartet of guitarist Dan Phillips, trombonist Jeb Bishop, double bassist Krzysztof Pabian and drummer Timothy Daisy rain down with plenty of free jazz improvisation, but by coalescing into the occasional groove, they provide a sense of focus and direction to music that doesn’t always move that way”

Bird is the Worm review of Converging Tributaries” 2017

“Phillips and company play with confidence. None are in a hurry to achieve any notable goal other than to add their own contributions to those of the rest of the group. Thus move seamlessly between order and chaos, with varying tone and dynamics.”

Allaboutjazz review of Converging Tributaries” 2017